SCLEOA Critical Illness Plan

For Members of SCLEOA and its Partners

Critical Illness Plans are designed to provide financial protection for the unexpected illness by providing cash benefits paid directly to the insured. 

Coverage Offering:

Guaranteed Issue for SCLEOA Members up to the following: (Only During Open Enrollment of participating Agencies)

Up to $20,000 Lump Sum for Employees actively at work at least 20 hours per week at a participating agency

Automatic Coverage of 25% of Employee Selection for eligible Children

Spouse is modified issue subject to one health question: “Has your spouse received medical advice or treatment or has been advised to receive medical tests, but has not received the results of those tests within the past six months?” (If yes, additional questions are required)

Up to $10,000 Lump Sum for Spouse***


  • First Occurrence (For Cancer, Carcinoma in SITU**,  Heart Attack, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery**, Angioplasty & Stent Insertion**, Stroke, Coma, Paralysis, Severe Burns, Major Organ Transplant, Alzheimer’s Disease, ALS, Loss of Sight/Speech/Hearing, End Stage Renal Disease, Benign Brain Tumor, Skin Cancer *)…16 Conditions under coverage!
  • Additional Occurrence (Unlimited, must be separated by  6 months)
  • Benefits do not exhaust… others often have limits on occurrences or limited pools of money.
  • Reoccurrence – Unlimited with Full Benefit paid again if occurrence is separated by 6 months for all covered items except cancer and carcinoma in situ which is 12 months after treatment free.
  • In addition to the above, Eligible Children are also covered for the following childhood Specified Critical Illnesses at 25% of the employee benefit amount (Cerebral Palsy, Cleft Lip or Palate, Down Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, Spina Bifida)
  • Includes a $50 Health Screening Benefit for Employee & Spouse
  • 10% Participation Requirement for Guaranteed/Modified Issue
  • Portable at same rates
  • No Reduction in Benefits at age 70

*** Modified Issue | **30% of Selected Benefit Paid | *Skin Cancer $300 one-time (lifetime)

  (Please refer to the attached brochure for more detailed explanation of benefits. This email and the attached brochure provide a general description of the important features of the policy/certificate. This email and the brochure are not the insurance contract.  Only the actual policy/certificate provisions will control.  Please refer to the certificate for details regarding applicable benefit/coverage exclusions.)

Policy Series WS-CI 4/12                                                                                                                                                      SCLEOA CI 9/14